Custom Packed Chocolates

Our gift box is handpacked with one pound of your favorite chocolates.

Unit Price: $26.50



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Custom Packed Chocolates

Please choose up to 10 of your favorite items. An equal amount of each item will be packed into the box.

 Milk buttercrunch
 Dark buttercrunch
 Milk mousse
 Dark mousse
 Milk nougatine
 Dark nougatine
 Milk orange cream
 Dark orange cream
 Milk raspberry cream
 Dark raspberry cream
 Milk raspberry jelly
 Dark raspberry jelly
 Milk vanilla cream
 Dark vanilla cream
 Milk vanilla caramel
 Dark vanilla caramel
 Milk strawberry cream
 Dark strawberry cream
 Dark Almond Turtle
 Dark Cashew Turtle
 Dark Pecan Turtle
 Milk Almond Turtle
 Milk Cashew Turtle
 Milk Pecan Turtle