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Here you will find the most popular gourmet chocolate products that we have to offer. Choose from our Signature Turtles (one of Oprah’s Favorite Things), our olde-fashioned fudge, or our assorted gourmet chocolates. You can’t go wrong when you choose one of these decadent, handmade chocolate specialties! 

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  1. Gift Card

    Gift Card


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  2. Signature Turtle Basket

    Signature Turtle Basket

    A unique presentation. You’ll enjoy this edible chocolate basket filled with an assortment of 36 of our best-selling signature milk, dark, and white chocolate turtles filled with hand roasted pecans, cashews, and almonds. There's a reason Phillips turtles were chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things! Learn More
  3. Gifts of Elegance

    Gifts of Elegance

    Four distinctive delights combined to make a dazzling collection!

    -15 Piece Signature milk & dark chocolate turtles
    -Princess assortment of milk & dark chocolates
    -1 lb. Fudge
    -Bittersweet peppermint patties

    Net wt. 3 lbs. Learn More
  4. Classic Duo

    Classic Duo

    Enjoy two of our most popular creations!

    -Nine pack of milk & dark turtles
    -One pound of our Royal Hash - a sinfully delicious mix of marshmallows, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. Learn More
  5. 30 Piece Signature Turtles

    30 Piece Signature Turtles

    Treat yourself to a box of decadent confections that Oprah herself declared to be one of her Favorite Things! Phillips best-selling signature turtles, made from rich, smooth caramel combined with hand roasted pecans, cashews, and almonds and topped with a generous dollop of luscious chocolate, are now available in a satisfying assortment of 30 pieces. No two are the same … order yours today! Learn More
  6. Chocolate Turtle Basket

    Chocolate Turtle Basket

    A perennial favorite! Phillips has lovingly created a delicious chocolate basket and filled it with 18 of our best-selling signature milk and dark chocolate turtles, bursting with an assortment of crunchy, hand roasted pecans, cashews, and almonds. Chosen by Oprah as one of her Favorite Things! Learn More
  7. 1lb Platinum Assortment

    1lb Platinum Assortment

    You'll be sure to be invited back when you present this enticing selection of gourmet favorites. Packed with hand dipped hard and chewy centers, chocolate covered fruits and nuts and our signature chocolate turtles, this assortment is a splendid way of saying thank you. Learn More
  8. Royal Hash Tin

    Royal Hash Tin

    A sinfully delicious mix of chocolate, marshmallow, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    20 oz. Learn More
  9. Build Your Own Signature 15 Piece Turtle

    Build Your Own Signature 15 Piece Turtle

    How do you make a box of Phillips Chocolates more perfect? Build your own! Choose up to six of our best-selling signature turtles, the classic confection Oprah chose as one of her Favorite Things, and we’ll put an equal amount of each into a decorative box just for you. No two are the same, but they’re all equally delicious! Learn More
  10. 1lb Milk and Dark Assortment

    1lb Milk and Dark Assortment

    The perfect gift for everyone on your list includes a mouth watering selection of assorted creams, caramels, jellies, nuts and crisp centers, enrobed in both milk and dark chocolate. Learn More
  11. 9 Pack Sea Salt Caramels

    9 Pack Sea Salt Caramels

    Take pleasure in this "sweet and salty"selection!
    A nine piece assortment of Phillips' caramel, dipped in milk and dark chocolate, and sprinkled with Himalayan White Sea Salt.
    4.75 oz. Learn More
  12. Bag Of Cookies

    Bag Of Cookies

    Phillips Candy House Offers customers another way to enjoy Phillips' famous handcrafted chocolate with newly introduced Phillips Cookies. Baked fresh daily, these melt-in-your-mouth creations are made using all-natural ingredients. Available in a package of 6 cookies (11 oz.) tied with a ribbon. Learn More
  13. Phillips Chocolate Bar

    Phillips Chocolate Bar

    Available in a wide variety - from milk, white and dark to nutty, minty or caramel filled!

    Choose which one best suits you! Learn More
  14. Build Your Own 1lb Box Of Bark
  15. Custom Packed Chocolates
  16. Build Your Own 2lb. Turtles
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