Chocolate Specialties

With so many gourmet chocolate specialties to choose from, there’s always something new to try. Choose from our Royal Hash—a mix of sinfully delicious chocolate, marshmallow, nuts, and hazelnut butter—to our delectable almond buttercrunch and other favorites. Each of our chocolate specialties will make a great chocolate gift, or are great on their own!

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  1. Royal Hash Tin

    Royal Hash Tin

    A sinfully delicious mix of chocolate, marshmallow, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    20 oz. Learn More
  2. 1lb Bittersweet Chocolates

    1lb Bittersweet Chocolates

    A 1 lb. box of refreshing peppermint patties, coconut squares or wintergreen patties dipped in rich bittersweet chocolate. Learn More
  3. 1lb of Cherries

    1lb of Cherries

    Incredibly juicy!

    A perennial favorite, these delicacies are so amazing you'll need a napkin to eat them. How do we make them so juicy? Through a secret family recipe and method, choice maraschino cherries are hand dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate, creating a liquid center bursting with flavor.

    Whole cherries - may include pits.

    White Cherries currently unavailable Learn More
  4. Pecan Roll Slice

    Pecan Roll Slice

    Handmade old fashioned soft nougat is dipped in creamy caramel and rolled in crisp pecans.

    Cut into slices, this is a perfect small Fall snack! Learn More
  6. 8pk Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    8pk Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    An 8pk of milk & dark chocolate covered cherries. Learn More
  7. Chunk Chocolate

    Chunk Chocolate

    A 14 oz. box of Phillips Milk, Dark or White chunk Chocolate.

    Great for a Chocolate Fondue! Learn More
  8. 8oz Chocolate Nonpareils Box

    8oz Chocolate Nonpareils Box

    An 8 oz. box of milk, dark, or white non-pareils. Learn More
  9. Chocolate Pizza
  10. Chocolate Ballet Shoes

    Chocolate Ballet Shoes

    8 oz. of chocolate ballet shoes filled with foil wrapped chocolate hearts. This detailed slipper is 9" long and laced with pretty ribbons - perfect for the "ballerina" in your life. Learn More
  11. 1lb Almond Buttercrunch
  12. Chocolate Tool Set
  13. 8oz Mint Lentils
  14. Chocolate Tall Ship

    Chocolate Tall Ship

    1/4 lb. Handcrafted milk and white chocolate tall ship embellished with Boston themed ribbon. A wonderful souvenir from Boston. Learn More
  15. Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

    In a unique process, our cocoa beans are fermented between banana leaves and then dried in the warm African sun, a time consuming process that produces an incredibly rich cocoa powder. Our single bean hot chocolate has just two natural ingredients. 12 oz. can. Learn More
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