Gift Towers

Stacks upon stacks of our gourmet chocolate all wrapped with a bow—who wouldn’t be impressed (and overjoyed!)  with a gift like that? These elegant towers feature exquisitely wrapped containers of our assorted gourmet chocolates, and are perfect as gifts for clients, loved ones, and as thank you gifts. Stand out from the crowd with Phillips Chocolate Gift Towers!

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  1. Gift Package

    Gift Package

    A pyramid of tasty treats!

    -One pound Platinum assortment of milk & dark chocolates & turtles
    -Almond buttercrunch
    -Freshly roasted mixed nuts

    Net wt. 2 lbs. Learn More
  2. The Deluxe Tower

    The Deluxe Tower

    A deluxe tower of our mouthwatering specialties!

    -Milk & dark assortment of handmade chocolates
    -Milk & dark selection of our best-selling turtles
    -Luscious truffles
    -Hand roasted mixed nuts
    -Milk & dark sea salt caramels

    Net wt. 4 lbs. 2 oz. Learn More
  3. Gifts of Elegance

    Gifts of Elegance

    Four distinctive delights combined to make a dazzling collection!

    -15 Piece Signature milk & dark chocolate turtles
    -Princess assortment of milk & dark chocolates
    -1 lb. Fudge
    -Bittersweet peppermint patties

    Net wt. 3 lbs. Learn More
  4. Classic Duo

    Classic Duo

    Enjoy two of our most popular creations!

    -Nine pack of milk & dark turtles
    -One pound of our Royal Hash - a sinfully delicious mix of marshmallows, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. Learn More
  5. Simply Phillips

    Simply Phillips

    A pairing of two of our best sellers!

    -Princess assortment of milk & dark chocolates
    -15 Piece Signature assorted milk & dark turtles

    Net wt. 2 lbs. 5 oz. Learn More
  6. Caramel Craze

    Caramel Craze

    This stack includes:
    - 15 Piece Signature assorted turtles
    -9 pack milk & dark sea salt caramel. Learn More
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