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  1. 8oz Brittle Box

    8oz Brittle Box

    An All Time Favorite! 8 oz of brittle.

    Available in Cashew or Peanut. Learn More
  2. Drizzled Brownie

    Drizzled Brownie

    Made lovingly by hand - using the richest cocoa powder available & creamy butter. Baked to a moist & chewy perfection - decorated with our signature white, milk & dark chocolate.

    Warning! Not to be consumed without a cold glass of milk! Learn More
  3. Boston Baked Beans

    Boston Baked Beans

    A New England favorite! An 8oz bag filled with candy coated peanuts! Learn More
  4. Single Cookie

    Single Cookie

    Five delicious flavors to choose from!

    -Walnut Chocolate Chip
    -Chocolate Chip
    -Brownie Chocolate Chip
    -Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
    -Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
    -White Chocolate Macadamia Chip Learn More
  5. Bag Of Cookies

    Bag Of Cookies

    Phillips Candy House Offers customers another way to enjoy Phillips' famous handcrafted chocolate with newly introduced Phillips Cookies. Baked fresh daily, these melt-in-your-mouth creations are made using all-natural ingredients. Available in a package of 5 cookies (11 oz.) tied with a ribbon. Learn More
  6. 1lb Roasted Nuts

    1lb Roasted Nuts

    Enjoy our premium cashews, pistachios and pecans - slowly roasted and lightly salted as well as cinnamon glazed cashews - great for any event! Learn More
  7. 1lb Jordan Almonds

    1lb Jordan Almonds

    1lb of candy coated almonds. Learn More
  8. Spanish Peanuts

    Spanish Peanuts

    Slowly Roasted spanish peanuts in there skins and lightly salted. Perfect for snacking or as a gift. Learn More
  9. Nut Round

    Nut Round

    This is great for all your holiday gift giving - but be sure to keep one for yourself. A combination of our mixed nuts, roasted pistachios in their shell,and salted cashews.

    11 oz. Learn More
  10. Licorice Jelly Beans

    Licorice Jelly Beans

    8 oz. of Licorice gourmet jelly beans. Learn More
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