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  1. Caramel Craze

    Caramel Craze

    This stack includes:
    - 15 Piece Signature assorted turtles
    -9 pack milk & dark sea salt caramel. Learn More
  2. Simply Phillips

    Simply Phillips

    A pairing of two of our best sellers!

    -Princess assortment of milk & dark chocolates
    -15 Piece Signature assorted milk & dark turtles

    Net wt. 2 lbs. 5 oz. Learn More
  3. Classic Duo

    Classic Duo

    Enjoy two of our most popular creations!

    -Nine pack of milk & dark turtles
    -One pound of our Royal Hash - a sinfully delicious mix of marshmallows, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. Learn More
  4. Gift Package

    Gift Package

    A pyramid of tasty treats!

    -One pound Platinum assortment of milk & dark chocolates & turtles
    -Almond buttercrunch
    -Freshly roasted mixed nuts

    Net wt. 2 lbs. Learn More
  5. Gifts of Elegance

    Gifts of Elegance

    Four distinctive delights combined to make a dazzling collection!

    -15 Piece Signature milk & dark chocolate turtles
    -Princess assortment of milk & dark chocolates
    -1 lb. Fudge
    -Bittersweet peppermint patties

    Net wt. 3 lbs. Learn More
  6. The Deluxe Tower

    The Deluxe Tower

    A deluxe tower of our mouthwatering specialties!

    -Milk & dark assortment of handmade chocolates
    -Milk & dark selection of our best-selling turtles
    -Luscious truffles
    -Hand roasted mixed nuts
    -Milk & dark sea salt caramels

    Net wt. 4 lbs. 2 oz. Learn More
  7. I Love Chocolate Basket

    I Love Chocolate Basket

    For those chocoholics that can never get enough of a good thing!

    This basket is filled with: a Princess assortment of milk & dark handmade chocolates, a nine pack of milk & dark chocolate turtles, luscious chocolate truffles, a chocolate covered bridge mix of nuts & raisins, malted milk balls, hash bar, chocolate covered pretzels and two Phillips chocolate bars.

    Net wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz. Learn More
  8. Chocolate Indulgence

    Chocolate Indulgence

    Chocolate lovers rejoice!

    Our grand basket is overflowing with many of our most famous taste sensations. Enjoy one pound of the following: assorted milk & dark chocolates, and old fashioned fudge. Also included: a 15 piece signature milk & dark turtle assortment.
    Complemented by scrumptious truffles, nut bark, a heavenly hash bar, chocolate covered peanuts & raisins, malted milk balls, refreshing bittersweet peppermint patties and chocolate bars.

    Net wt. 6 lbs. Learn More
  9. Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Basket

    Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Basket

    Milk chocolate basket filled with delicious milk & dark chocolate caramels sprinkled with sea salt! Learn More
  10. Chocolate Turtle Basket

    Chocolate Turtle Basket

    A perennial favorite! Phillips has lovingly created a delicious chocolate basket and filled it with 18 of our best-selling signature milk and dark chocolate turtles, bursting with an assortment of crunchy, hand roasted pecans, cashews, and almonds. Chosen by Oprah as one of her Favorite Things! Learn More
  11. Sweet Memories Assortment

    Sweet Memories Assortment

    Featured for our 90th anniversary - this 1lb box includes some of our old favorites!

    -Chocolate turtles (milk and dark almond, cashew and pecan caramel patties).
    -Peanut Butter Cups (smooth, natural peanut butter dipped in milk or dark chocolate).
    -Sea Salt Caramel (vanilla caramel dipped in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt).
    -Royal Hash (milk chocolate, marshmallow, nuts and hazelnut butter).
    -BIttersweet Peppermint Patties (refreshing peppermint cream dipped in bittersweet chocolate).
    -Figaro (hazelnut butter and chocolate).
    -Almond Buttercrunch (almond buttercrunch dipped in milk chocolate and covered with roasted almonds).
    -Pecan Roll (soft nougat center dipped in caramel and rolled in pecans).
    -Wrapped Caramel (our famous vanilla, chocolate or marshmallow caramel wrapped in cellophane). Learn More
  12. Celebrate The Occasion Box

    Celebrate The Occasion Box

    Personalize this gift with our assortment of handmade milk chocolate plaques - great for any occasion!

    12oz. Learn More
  13. 8pk Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    8pk Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

    An 8pk of milk & dark chocolate covered cherries. Learn More
  14. Royal Hash Tin

    Royal Hash Tin

    A sinfully delicious mix of chocolate, marshmallow, chopped nuts and hazelnut butter.

    20 oz. Learn More
  15. 18 piece Turtles NEAQ Special
  16. Large Gum Drops

    Large Gum Drops

    An 8oz. bag filled with delicious gum drops! Learn More
  17. Boston Postcard Package

    Boston Postcard Package

    A token package from Boston! Milk chocolate Phillips Candy House coin, Boston Baked Beans, Salt Water Taffy and a Boston Postcard.

    3 oz. Learn More
  18. Boxed Salt Water Taffy

    Boxed Salt Water Taffy

    An assortment of flavorful Salt Water Taffy fills this Boston box! Learn More
  19. Lobster on the Rocks

    Lobster on the Rocks

    A great Boston souvenier. 7 oz.acetate box with a chocolate lobster on a bed of candy coated rocks and shells tied with a Boston ribbon. Learn More
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