Father's Day

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  1. Sports Tin

    Sports Tin

    Have fun supporting your team!

    Red Sox New England Patriots Boston Celtics Boston Bruins

    One pound of Spanish peanuts, caramel popcorn, milk chocolate almond bar and either chocolate foiled baseballs, footballs or basketballs*.
    A great gift for your favorite sports fan!

    *Bruins Tin gets a hockey puck and chocolate pop*

    Net wt. 1 lb. 3 oz. Learn More
  2. Chocolate Football

    Chocolate Football

    This incredibly realistic, official size pigskin replica will make an attention grabbing center piece for your game day entertaining and tailgating spreads. It is sure to satisfy chocoholics no matter what the score. Give us your Team Colors! Learn More
  3. Chocolate Tool Set
  4. Father's Day Suit Plaque -Milk
  5. Father's Day Tie - Milk
  6. Dad Plaque - Milk
  7. Father's Day Pops
  8. Father's Day Nut Basket

    Father's Day Nut Basket

    Gourmet treats for Dad!

    Perfect for a Father's Day gift, our delectable assortment features perfectly roasted, lightly salted nuts and tied with a Red Sox or Dad Ribbon (pictured). Our collection includes: premium mixed nuts, jumbo salted cashews and natural pistachios.

    Net wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. Learn More
  9. Father's Day Nut Round

    Father's Day Nut Round

    This is great for Father's Day gift giving - but be sure to keep one for yourself. A combination of our mixed nuts, roasted pistachios in their shell, salted cashews and assorted cinnamon glazed nuts all tied together with a Father's Day Ribbon. Learn More
  10. Father's Day Stack

    Father's Day Stack

    This stack includes:

    - 15 pack box of assorted turtles
    -9 pack milk & dark sea salt caramel. - See more Learn More
  11. Father's Day Box

    Father's Day Box

    Personalize your gift with a 'Happy Father's Day' milk chocolate plaque accompanied by a luscious assortment of handmade milk and dark chocolates with soft and chewy centers. Learn More
  12. Father's Day 9pk Turtles

    Father's Day 9pk Turtles

    A 9 pack milk & dark turtle assortment wrapped then decorated with a solid milk chocolate tie. Learn More
  13. Chocolate Survival Kit
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13 Item(s)