Salted  Almond/Rasp. VeganBark

Salted Almond/Rasp. VeganBark

Chocolate Survival Kit

Get ready for a scrumptious adventure with treats that'll make you smile from ear to ear! Munch on delightful chocolate-covered pretzels, unwrap the yumminess of peanut butter and crispy rice milk chocolate bars, and discover a playful milk chocolate lobster. Dive into a world of sweetness with a big milk chocolate peanut butter cup, crispy milk chocolate-covered graham crackers, and a special milk chocolate Oreo. Perfect for any chocolate emergency!
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The Chocolate Surival kit includes 2 chocolate bars, 2 chocolate covered graham crackers, 2 pretzels, 1 chocolate covered oreo, 1 chocolate enrobed smore, 1 large peanut butter cup, and a chocolate lobster buddy to share with.
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